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British Gas Energy Trust

Citizens Advice St Helens has received funding from the British Gas Energy Trust to assist clients in financial difficulties to apply to the Trust for the following free grants:

  • Gas and Electricity arrears (including prepayment meters)

Our advisors are also trained in energy efficiency advice and can assist clients in fuel poverty.

Criteria for applying

The only criterion for applying to the British Gas Energy Trust is financial hardship. You do not need to be in receipt of a particular benefit to apply, so employed people are eligible to apply.

If you have any savings or investments, it is unlikely you will receive an award from the Trust.

The Trust is open to everyone at present so you do not need to be a British Gas customer to apply.

Please note that there are several energy funds including the Scottish Power Hardship Fund, N Power Energy Fund, EDF Energy Trust and E.ON Energy Fund. If you wish to apply for a grant to clear your gas and electricity arrears, you will be expected to apply to the fund of your own energy supplier in the first instance, before applying to the British Gas Energy Trust.

If your energy supplier does not have its own energy fund, you can apply direct to the British Gas Energy Trust.

Application Process

It takes a single one hour appointment to complete an application to the British Gas Energy Trust and clients who are interested in applying can contact Michael Egan on 01744 751380 to arrange an appointment.

It can take between 6 – 10 weeks for the Trust to process an application and if you are successful you cannot re-apply for two years. If you are unsuccessful you can re-apply at any time providing there is a change in your circumstances.