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Good Trust Fund Guide

Benevolent (the Drinks industry Charity)

Application process: application form available on the website.

Criteria for applying: those who have worked in the drinks industry including pub, brewery, bar and off-licence.

Grants available:

  • Emergency one-off grants
  • Monthly grants to help with living costs

Friends of the elderly

Application process: application form downloaded from website and submitted via post or email. Applications must be made through a third party such as CAB.

Criteria for applying: helps men and women resident in England and Wales aged 60 or over (50 or over for homeless people) with a low income and minimal savings.

Grants available:

  • Mobility aids
  • Basic furniture
  • Household white goods and appliances
  • Property repairs
  • Utility bills
  • Regular allowance to support older people living at home who are on a very low income

Cannot help with Rent and Council Tax arrears and items already purchased.

Glasspool Charity Trust

Application process: send a blank email to and an application form will arrive within one hour. Clients are expected to make an application to the Local Welfare scheme first.

Criteria for applying: applications can only be made through an organisation which can administer grants on behalf of the Glasspool Charity Trust i.e. must have its own bank account. There are no restrictions on the type of beneficiary which can apply.

Grants available:

  • White goods (via their own supplier)
  • Beds and bedding (via their own supplier)
  • Clothing/school uniform
  • Baby needs
  • Travel expenses for hospital visits
  • Flooring in exceptional circumstances for people with disabilities
  • Vocational materials/training if there is clear evidence of an employment offer

Cannot help with funeral costs or the repayment of debts.

Grocery Aid

Application process: application form available on website.

Criteria for applying: minimum of ten years working in the grocery industry (includes factory, supply chain and stores.)

Grants available:

  • Annual payment of £830 per year
  • Help purchasing mobility items
  • Emergency grants (boiler replacements/roof repairs/double glazing)
  • Christmas voucher hamper

Heinz, Anna and Carol Kroch Foundation

Application process: applications must be submitted by a recognised body such as a social worker, Citizens Advice Bureau representative, GP or welfare rights officer. Information on the background of the client, family makeup, income and expenditure, what the grant will be used for, other charities approached and how much money has been raised to date is needed. In the case of an application for equipment, adaptations and the like, copies of estimates are needed. Where appropriate, a supporting reference from a GP/Consultant would be useful.

Applications in writing to:

Heather Astle
PO Box 327
TW12 9DD

Telephone: 020 8979 0609

Email address:

Applications considered monthly.

Criteria for applying: help those in financial hardship who are older, have chronic illness, have fled domestic situations or are homeless.  

Grants available:

 Grants range from £100-£500

  • Hospital travel costs
  • Household bills
  • Furniture
  • Other hospital expenses
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Medical and disability equipment
  • Living costs
  • Home adaptations/help in the home

No grants for education or holidays

Hospitality Action

Application process: application form available on website: can be submitted via post or email.

Criteria for applying: past and present employees of the hospitality industry (food, drink and accommodation). Current employees are eligible and past employees must have either worked for at least one year in the past five years or worked seven years in total. Dependents also considered.

Grants available:

  • One-off essential needs grant
  • One year crisis grant to assist with general living costs
  • Winter fuel grants
  • Funeral expenses
  • Rent/tenancy deposits

National Benevolent Charity

Application process: application form can be downloaded direct from the website and presumably submitted by post or email.

Criteria for applying: must be in receipt of all state benefits to which they are entitled and if they are under state retirement age they must have exceptional circumstances such as being in receipt of a long term sickness benefit or Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment. Assets must be less than £10,000 for a single person and £15,000 for a couple (homes excluded.) Disposable income after essential expenditure must be less than £8000 per annum for a single person and £12,000 per annum for a couple.

Grants available:

  • Regular payments to supplement meagre incomes and to make getting by in life a little easier
  • One off grants to cover the emergencies in life such as replacing a broken refrigerator or central heating boiler or repairing a leaking roof

According to case histories on the website grants given in the past include window replacements, furniture removal costs, house decorating, and a trip to Lourdes, replacing items stolen in a burglary, new interior furnishings and a payment to improve kitchen facilities. 

Retail Trust

Application process: application form can be completed online through the website or printed and submitted by post.

Criteria for applying: current and retired works need to have worked in retail for at least 2 years. Working age and no longer working in retail need to have worked in retail for at least 5 years.

Grants available:

  • Disability Aids and Adaptations
  • Funeral costs
  • Prevention of homelessness(rent/mortgage arrears and rent deposit)
  • Council Tax arrears
  • Essential household furniture
  • Food vouchers
  • Prevention of fuel poverty (help with heating bills, and boiler replacements)
  • Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Order fees (*exceptional cases)
  • Respite breaks.

Society for the Assistance of Ladies in Reduced Circumstances

Application process: Telephone SALRC on 0300 3651886 and they will ask several questions regarding your client including their name, address, date of birth, details of income received and any debts the client has. They will also enquire about the client’s employment history to establish whether they are eligible to apply to any alternative Trust funds first. If the SALRC are satisfied your client meets the criteria for applying they will email/post you an application form which is to be completed and submitted via post.

Criteria for applying: Single women living alone in receipt of a means tested benefit.

Grants available:

  • Regular allowances paid monthly
  • TV Licence and telephone rental charges

United Utilities Trust Fund

Application process: applications can be made online through the website or an application can be printed and submitted freepost.

Criteria for applying: United Utilities customers in financial hardship

Grants available:

  • Water arrears
  • Household items
  • Bankruptcy deposits

The Vicar’s Relief Fund

Application process: Online application form: applications are typically processed within 2-3 days.

Criteria for applying: supports people who are at risk of being made homeless, are homeless or vulnerable or have experience of being homeless and are trying to establish or maintain a tenancy.

Grants available:

  • Rent arrears (up to a maximum of £250)
  • Bonds/deposits for rented accommodation
  • Cooker
  • Fridge-freezer
  • Bed
  • Debt Relief Order deposit
  • Part payment of Bankruptcy fees

WARNING: if a client’s application is successful and they receive an award, they must sign a receipt and this must be returned to the VRF. Failure to do so may result in the delay of the processing of future applications.

The Worcester Rotary Sawyer Trust

Application process: complete application form downloadable from website and submit by post only.

Criteria for applying: help women aged 50 years and over living in the UK and who are in need by virtue of financial hardship, sickness or poor health.

Grants available:

  • Domestic appliances (fridges, freezers, washing machines, cookers e.t.c.)
  • Rent or accommodation arrears
  • Payment of debts incurred with utility bills
  • Medical and health aids

The above list is not exhaustive and the Trust should be contacted for advice regarding applications for grants not listed above. Grants do not typically exceed £500.

DISCLAIMER: whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within this document, the policies of trust funds can change therefore you should always check the relevant website for the most up to date information. If in any doubt regarding the grants available or the criteria for applying, contact the Trust via telephone or email for clarification.

Further Information: There are a wide range of Trusts out there and more information can be found in the Directory of Social Change publication ‘A Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need’ which is an excellent resource and highly recommended reading.

This guide was created by Michael Egan, Money Advice Caseworker at Citizens Advice St. Helens. If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this document or would like further advice, you can contact Michael using the following contact details:

Michael Egan
Citizens Advice St Helens
Millennium Centre
Corporation Street
St Helens
WA10 1HJ

Tel: 01744 751380

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